WAD Manager 1.4 via Wii Homebrew Channel on menu 4.0u

I recently used the "Twilight hack" to add the Wii Homebrew Channel before I upgraded to the Wii Menu version 4.0u.


[NOTE: you can install the HBC on Wii Menu 4.0u using the new banner bomb technique!]



NOTICE: If you are having problems installing WMios35 in this tutorial, follow the steps here. (Thanks Anonymous)




I was having trouble installing virtual console .wad's from my SD card to the Wii internal memory via the WAD Manager App in HBC.


I kept getting an Error = -01 because in the FAQ, it says to name your wad folder "wads". In reality you really need to name this folder "wad" for it to been seen and the Error = -01 to resolve.


After figuring out that blunder, I found a new problem, an Error = -2011. Which, from what I've researched thus far, was caused by upgrading my Wii Menu to 4.0u after I installed the HBC. Which i was told by Hak5, was totally safe.


To get WAD Manager v1.4 to load .wad backups you need to downgrade your IOS in the following steps.


1) Download Fix4.0-NeXtRL.it.rar


2) Get an SD card with nothing on it.


3) Copy *JUST* the apps folder on the SD card.


4) On the Wii, launch the Homebrew Channel and select CMDVDX34, then pick "Downgrade IOS35", wait for it to end and come back to the menu, then exit.


If it says "Failed to add title, maybe you already ran this?", download IOS35-64 v1040.wad and install it using WMIOS35 or a regular Wad Manager, then exit and continue to follow this guide.


If it says that "you're a pirate" delete also all your VC/WiiWare pirated channels (with AnyTitle Deleter or WAD Manager), execute shared2clean and try again.


5) Delete the apps folder on the SD, copy the wad *AND* apps2 folders to the SD and rename the "apps2" folder to "apps" on the SD.


6) Launch the Homebrew Channel again, and run WMIOS35.


7) Install cIOS249 rev9.wad.


8) Exit again, and run IOSDowngraderv1 from HBC.


9) If you want a System Menu lower than 4.0, use cIOS Downgrader.


Now throw everything back onto your formatted SD card (i.e. Wad Manager 1.4) and start installing your WiiWare and Virtual Console backup wads!


Oh man. I tried every 3.4 wii frimware guide out there. None of them worked because everytime I tried to install wads, I get all kinds of errors -1035, -2011 etc...

Then I noticed this guide, tried it... AND IT WORKED! You are the best :)

.. i could be of assistance! Keep checking back as i learn more about what the Nintendo Wii is capable of!


any body get a chance to try on a lu64?

I don't think this walk through works for lu64 Wii's. I don't have own one or know anyone that does for me to test it, sorry!


Everything works fine up until the point when i need to install cIOS249 rev9.wad. then i get a -2011 error help?

When you delete the files of your sd card, go in my computer. right click on your sd card, click format and dot change any of the settings. click under format, and select FAT (if not there use any FAT formats). click start. when its done put the apps folder on your sd card. From now on after you put the apps and then later the apps2 and wad files on your sd, use safety remove hardware on the bottom right of your desktop. when step 7 comes up, it'll now work!

Did all steps, and worked like a charm. On 4.0u. Did this to install dvd dumper wad. That's in and working but now my VC channels on SD won't work. Tring to access SD menu either from wii menu or from the channel menu causes system lock. Is this because the IOS was downgraded?? If I re update via the wii settings menu, will this break the wad manager again and make SD work? I have a lot of legit VC games that I moved to SD to make room and now I can't get to them?

I did everything in order and it all went flawlessly. Each step went just as it was described. However when I went back into the Wii setings it still says 4.0U

I recieve the following error when on the HBC and try and load the WMIOS35
"retreiving device content error (Ret=-1)"

disregard post the wad folder was missing

glad i could provide some self help space for you :)



Just wanted to say thanks for helping me! Your instructions are very clear!


Dude, you saved my butt, I could not get anything to work after upgrading the Firmware to 4.0U! This site is bookmarked and referring everyone that has problems here. Thanks! :-)

I try to make other peoples life easier by doing all the hard work for them. Feel free to refer other users to this page, spread the word!

BTW, im working on a "Backup Loader" how to next!


man, i want to thank you a lot for your inmense help you gave me, a very nice and detailed guide, the only thing is that my internet went off when downgrading... now im gonna try downgrading again, it stopped near the ios 32 i think but i cant remember with exactitude, im gonna post here when i have my wii working good and get no more error 2011

see yaa good luck!

Sounds good man, but why did your internet go "off" in the first place? lol


Whenever I attempt to install the wad from step "5" I get this: "Installing ticket... ERROR! (ret = -2011)"

I would greatly appreciate if you could help me.

It sounds like either you're not running Menu v4.0u or you didn't remove all the apps on the SD card as instructed. Also double check that your SD card is formatted as FAT or FAT32. NTFS formatted card WILL NOT WORK.

You can also get some assistance over on our IRC network @ http://www.omgirc.com/chat.php

.. or if you use an IRC client, point it to irc.omgirc.com

Good luck!


Thank you bro ur my hero

Brilliant it totally works!

Got my homebrew and wads back after i upgraded to 4.0! Finally!


Glad i could help ya out.

Weird thing is, when I go to the Wii Setup, it still reflects v4.0u. Not sure why that is, because this guide downgrades the IOS. I'm also not sure if the shopping channel works after this downgrade since the game channel is locked due to a System Update. I am forced to load my legit Wii Games (CD) with the Backup Loader HBC App.


i did everything but when i picked downgradeIOS35, i forgot to change my internet connections. It gave me "network initialization failed".
I fixed my connections, then i ran it again "Failed to add title, maybe you already ran this?". So then I saw your instructions: If it says "Failed to add title, maybe you already ran this?", download IOS35-64 v1040.wad and install it using WMIOS35 or a regular Wad Manager, then exit and continue to follow this guide. I did the stuff but im not sure if I installed it right. When it says "[+] Available to Choose" or something like that, it gives me a list to choose IOS35-64 v1040.wad and cIOS249 rev9.wad. I click my (+) button thinking its the button to install the files but it says "exiting to menu".


Full Problem: I do not know if I installed any of this above. Description on top helps a lot.

After all those directions: I put everything back on my sd card and tried installing the wads like Super Smash Brothers. It still gave me error=2011
Thats when I know when somethings wrong.

THE ONLY THING THAT CHANGED: The Game disk Channel says "SYSTEM UPDATE" instead of Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

Please use WAD Manager v1.4 (available in this article) and use that to install IOS35-64 v1040.wad. Make sure this file is in your "wad" folder on the root of the SD card! Load up WAD Manager v1.4, choose the SD Card and you should see it on the list. Read the screen for which button to push to install it!



im not sure if i was suppose to keep those downloaded files on my sd, PLEASE REPLY

After you are done downgrading your firmware, go ahead and erase everything on it and throw WAD Manager with some wad's onto it and test it out. You do not need to keep the files that you downloaded from my site.


How long should it take IOSDowngraderv1 to install stuff? its Step 8 and it gets frustrated because its the last step for me.

I shows my wii screen:
"Downloading and Installing Content #09..."
My internet connection is very nice but I need an answer. Some say its under 10mins

During step #9, the Wii downloads the lower firmware from the Nintendo Update servers. Wireless internet will be required for this step, but it is hard to guess how much time it will take for the firmware to finish downloading due to different internet speeds from user to user.

If i were to give it a time frame, somewhere between 5-10 mintues.


cheers man

cheers mate


Everything works GREAT up until the point when i need to install cIOS249 rev9.wad. then i just get the infamous 2011 error. i did everything FAT 32 format, only those files on the sd card. HELP?!

It seems the firmware didn't downgrade completely. Did you get any errors during any of the steps?


No i did not :/ And i have retried multiple times

Everything is good up to step 7, i still get that error. i hav 4.ou and i used FAT FAT32 er 36... any help?

You're either skipping a step, doing unnessecary steps or failing to see errors while downloading/installing older IOS.

Try again from scratch.


thanks man.

Is it safe to install the cIOS249 rev9.wad file? And how do I remove it?

You can run shared2clean to wipe it out again.

I wouldn't be to worried, as you already have IOS249 installed (installed with the system menu 4.0u update) and this is a mere custom IOS (hence cIOS) that has the security checks taken out of it.

IOS versions are installed onto the system and are only in use when called on. i.e. Twilight princess uses IOS33 and another game could use IOS55. They are loaded if a game needs them.

You can see all the IOS that your Wii uses here: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/IOS_History

If you still feel at all uncomfortable downgrading your Wii, STOP NOW.

I don't recommend this for owners with limited technical knowledge.


What do you consider as limited technical knowledge?

Based on this guide, i would have to say the knowledge needed would be how to correctly format your SD card to FAT/FAT32 and a the basic know how on how the Wii operates.


Is there any good safe site where I can download some wads without bricking my wii?
Thanks :O

Wad files can easily be attained from Torrents or Newsgroups. I wouldn't worry about "bricking" your Wii with a bad wad file, if the wad is indeed corrupt it will fail to install itself on the Wii in the first place. :)


Is there a way to upgrade my console IOS back to normal (4.0) after I have done IOSDowngraderv1 and Downgrade IOS35?

Thanks alot!

Simply launch your Wii Sustem update :)


For those of you who was getting an error at step 7, I had the same problem (error 2011). Do these things to get it to work during the steps :

After you've deleted all the files on your SD card, go in my computer, right click on your SD card, click on format and don't change any options but the format. Put it on FAT (if its not there pick one of the FAT formats). Click start and once its done put the apps folder in your sd.

After you put the APPS folder on your SD card, double click on the SD icon at the bottom of your desktop (safely remove hardware) and stop your sd card from running this way. Follow instructions up to step 5.

When you've completed step 5, repeat the safety remove hardware step above.

The wad will now install!

Thanks, I can play my wads again!

As i've said over and over in the comments, is that you NEED to format the SD card in FAT or FAT32 for this to work.

I also assumed users were removing their SD card the proper way, i.e. safely remove hardware. If they neglect to do this with flash type of memory, it's a good way to kill it very quickly.


I'm very confused and I'm only on step 4! How do you select CMDVDX34 and were do you find it? And whats this about "IOS35-64 v1040.wad and install it using WMIOS35 or a regular Wad Manager" WHAT???? Please help me I'm new to this but i learn quick and i rely want this to work!!

I am on 4.0U, followed the steps and did not work for me. I get a -1, 1029, and 2011 error depending on which IOS/Wad Manager I use.

I had no problem installing wads after upgrading to 4.0 (not through Nintendo). After installing 10 or so wads, I all of a sudden received these errors.

You filled up the memory on the Wii. Good job. You can't install that many wads, the internal memory is only 256mb, calm down!


Funny, it says I have 180 blocks left. The wads were Nintendo games were are very small files. I can install other wads which are not game related, I.E Wad Manager channel, homebrew apps, etc.

Oh, and the internal flash drive is 512 MB, not 256.